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Appliance maintenance and repairs for all
major brands of appliances.

About Us , what do we offer?

Areas we Service

Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand

Why don’t we work at your premises?

To send a technician, you pay per hour, therefore it becomes terribly pricey, whereas, at the workshop, a technician will work on several appliances at once, bringing down your price. Another issue being the fact that it’s not possible to hold all the spares of all the various machines, therefore it might take longer to repair. We provide a free call-out, quotation to our clients.

Appliance Repair Services Offerred

We provide the following repair services

Fridge & deep freezer Faults

  • Not making cold: Could be the compressor, Gas leak or thermostat.
  • Making loud noise: Compressor solely.
  • Icing up: Door seals, Or Thermostat or Blocked drain pipe.
  • PC Board flickering: Faulty electronic sensor, or compressor.

Washing Machine Faults

  • P.C Board flicking Error: Power search or Faulty electronic part.
  • Make Noise: Bearings, or Motor, or something in drum, Belts.
  • Does not Drain: Water pump, or control board.
  • Water doesn't go in: Pressure switch, Timer, solenoid valve.

So why choose us to repair your appliance?

We know your Appliances are more than a machine; it’s your hard earned possession. It lets you do and complete essential daily activities such as washing dirty clothes, storing your food, and washing those piled up dishes. You depend on it, so it’s important your appliance receives quality repair and service.

When we collect your appliances, we make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible and with the utmost care.

Expert Technicians

Our dedicated service technicians are well trained to repair and take care of your equipment as if it was their own. We strive to act professional at all times and make sure that we repair your appliances with care and precision.Come and see for yourself. When you call us for maintenance or repair, we’ll treat you with respect and dignity. We won’t worry you with unnecessary expenses.

Why will an appliance need a service?

There are several moving components on an appliance,e.g.:belt, brake shoes, dirt inside the drum, pulley etc. If a number of these things wear and are left with out repair, it will result in a serious repair costing you way more. It ought to be maintained at least once each year.

Professional Service

You will find that we strive to provide professional service all the time, our name is worth allot, and we feel the same about you our customer.

What guarantee will we give?

We offer a three months guarantee on all work performed.

Payment Terms

We solely accept EFT or cash. If payment is made by EFT, the funds must first clear in the bank before we are able to deliver.

Positive Feedback

We thrive on positive feedback, but if you feel we can better our service tell us about it. Constructive feedback goes a long way!